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Aluminium (cold alumine)

picture02Cold window and door systems are intended for the manufacture of small and medium-sized structures in cases where special strength is not required and an increased operational load is not expected and when there is no need to preserve heat.


These aluminum profile systems are a simple and optimal solution when the ratio of minimum price and reliable quality is important. Classic systems of aluminum profiles, from which it is possible to make structures of various shapes, sizes, including arched, radius, polygonal, etc.



Thanks to a large assortment of headquarters and various additional profiles, these systems have wide functionality: various types of windows and doors, various ways to open.

The systems are equipped with drainage and ventilation holes for moisture and fotset ventilation of the glass package, which are closed with the outer side by plastic plugs.

This constructive feature contributes to an increase in the life of the product. One of the advantages of aluminum structures is the ability to paint profiles with a powder method in any color on the RAL scale.




Due to the lightness and stiffness of aluminum from a cold aluminum profile of these systems, it is possible to make structures of various forms and destination:


- glazing of unheated balconies and loggias;

- Verandas, shop windows, kiosks;

- household structures (cabinets, screen, etc.);

- Stitches and pendulum doors;

- input groups;

- windows in public and commercial premises;

- Office and commercial partitions;


- Interior partitions.


Profiles, that we use




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