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Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

0031Aluminum windows can rightly be called the most practical. The lightness and strength of the aluminum profile, as well as the flexibility of the metal itself allow to make aluminum windows of almost any shape, and resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion, ignition and operating load makes them a reliable and durable solution.

To solve the problem of glazing rooms for various purposes, we create two types of windows:

- windows with a "cold" profile (for unheated rooms - warehouses, hangars or internal heating);

- windows with a "warm" profile (with an insulating thermal insert, used to preserve the heat of heated rooms).

For glazing, single- and double-glazed windows can be used or installed mono glass with any characteristics.

0032 The advantages of aluminum windows include:

- durability (service life over 70 years);

- lightness (thanks to light aluminum profiles);

- strength of the metal structure of the window;

- fire resistance (the window is not subject to burning);

- sound and heat insulation (thanks to insulating thermal inserts);

- not exposed to negative environmental factors (temperature changes, humidity, sunlight);

- environmental friendliness;

- wide choice of sizes and specifications;

- possibility of installation of add. equipment and painting of a profile in any color.

0033In the "cold" version, the most popular are deaf and sliding windows. Cold aluminum windows are used for glazing unheated rooms, as well as for internal structures. Summer kitchens, summer terraces, technological windows, indoor windows, sliding windows on cold balconies - these are the areas where products made of "cold" aluminum can be used. Cold windows can also be built into bank, office and any other partitions. The maximum size of a cold deaf window makes 6000 * 3210 mm.

0034"Warm" aluminum windows are made of a complex structure. In it external and internal aluminum parts are connected among themselves by a polyamide insert of the difficult form (so-called "thermal bridge") which provides to a profile excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the quality of the thermal bridge affects the strength of the profile and the preservation of its geometry at high loads. As for thermal insulation, today there are some series of aluminum profiles that are warmer than wooden frames.

Warm aluminum windows are an excellent solution for glazing private houses and cottages, as well as public and office buildings, where in the first place is the appearance of the building and the functionality of all its architectural elements.

Warm aluminum windows make it possible to make blind windows and sash of large sizes and install wider double-glazed windows.

Therefore, they are ideal for glazing large openings. The maximum size of a window leaf in warm aluminum reaches 1200х2400 mm that allows to glaze big apertures and to avoid superfluous jumpers in a product.