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Metal-plastic windows

Metal-plastic windows

0053Once upon a time, metal-plastic windows were a luxury item, but today they are available to almost everyone, since they have become a building element necessary to create comfortable living conditions. Global trends in the development of energy conservation and government programs that are being implemented in our country make metal-plastic windows indispensable for the modernization of old housing stock and the construction of a new one.

Reinforced-plastic windows have a number of advantages: - Low price (compared to aluminum or natural wood windows).

- Excellent thermal insulation. Correctly selected double-glazed windows and profile system can reduce heat loss in the room and save on heating.

0054-Tightness. This property of metal-plastic windows not only improves thermal insulation, but also provides a high level of protection against noise, moisture and dust.

- Durability. According to research, the service life of PVC windows is estimated at 40 years.

- Resistance to all types of atmospheric phenomena. Reinforced-plastic windows are not very sensitive to rains and hurricanes, to snow, scorching sun and sudden temperature changes.

- Fire safety. PVC is a flame retardant material that does not support combustion.

- Environmental friendliness. PVC windows do not emit any harmful substances. Moreover, the profiles we use are made according to the special Greenline eco-technology and do not contain lead.

- Aesthetic appearance. The neat shape and harmonious combination of various types of profiles in the window allow the reinforced-plastic windows to fit into any interior.

- Easy to operate. Reinforced-plastic windows require virtually no maintenance. It is enough just to wash them regularly. And even a small child will figure it out with the opening. Therefore, to protect such especially quick-witted and curious children, at your request, a handle with a key or a "child's" lock can be installed.

The metal-plastic windows that we offer are structures that fully comply with the climatic conditions of Ukraine, they do not contain harmful substances and are environmentally friendly. At the request of the customer, the windows can be based on 3, 4 and 5-chamber profile systems "Aluplast" (Germany), "WDS" (Ukraine) and "Openteck" (Ukraine), "Rehau" (Germany ), "KBE" (Germany). Certain profile systems can be laminated in wood-like or traditional colors (blue, green, red, etc.).

To provide additional rigidity, each window structure must be completed with a square reinforcing profile with a wall thickness of 2 mm. Thanks to the reinforcement, our windows are able to withstand strong external loads, while maintaining their functional properties and appearance for many years. The German and Ukrainian fittings we work with have ample opportunities and versatility, allowing each window to implement such additional functions as micro-ventilation, step-by-step ventilation, "child lock", burglary protection, etc.

We produce single-chamber and double-glazed windows, as well as monoskle windows. In production, we use glass of various thicknesses and types (energy-saving, sun-protective, multifunctional, reflective, tinted, impact-resistant, etc.). Usually PVC windows are rectangular. This form is considered standard. However, we also accept orders for arched, brewhouse, trapezoidal and round designs.

The configuration of windows or doors is understood as the number of leaves of the product and the way they are opened.

We produce windows with five sash opening options:

1) rotary (were widespread at the time of wooden windows);

2) folding;

3) swing-out (now the most common)

4) sliding;

5) deaf (motionless).

The sash is movable by means of a handle, which has 3 positions:

1) standard position with the handle down - the window is closed;

2) the handle is turned to the side - rotary opening of the window;

3) the handle is turned upwards - the window is rejected into the "airing" mode. Also, as an additional option, a micro-ventilation function can be installed in the product. In this case, the handle is rotated 45 degrees.

By the number of sashes, windows can be single-leaf, double-leaf (often installed in kitchens), three-leaf (living room), four-leaf (usually a balcony frame), etc.

Reinforced-plastic windows are divided into several types: - traditional ones mean white rectangular windows, which are ordered in most cases. The profile occupies at least 25% of the area of ​​the entire window. The main load on thermal insulation is carried by a double-glazed window. Therefore, when choosing windows, special attention should be paid to the double-glazed unit. When dividing a window into several equal parts, if the size of each of them turns out to be less than 750 mm, it is recommended to divide the window into parts according to the principle of equality of light openings.

This means that the visible glass in the blind part and in the sash will be the same width and visually they will be equal. - A French window is a floor-to-ceiling panoramic window. This type of windows is popular today not only in private houses and cottages, but also in ordinary city apartments. - under windows of irregular shape we mean arched and oblique windows (triangles, trapezoids, etc.). They are difficult to assemble, as they require great precision and skill of workers.