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All-glass doors

All-glass doors

0020All-glass doors look quite modern and futuristic. All-glass doors are made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 12 mm. Tempered glass is incredibly strong and reliable.

To break such glass requires a lot of effort. An additional advantage of all-glass doors is that they are completely safe for humans. Even in the case of breaking glass, it crumbles into small non-sharp fragments no larger than 5 mm. This avoids dangerous situations.

All-glass doors can be used in completely different areas of activity. These can be interior doors to an apartment or a private house, doors for office partitions, office buildings, shopping malls, shops, boutiques and airports.

0021The decor of all-glass doors deserves special attention. It is not always convenient or necessary for the door to be transparent. Sandblasting allows you to achieve a matte effect, while maintaining the sophistication and elegance of glass doors. By means of sandblasting it is possible to realize both continuous matting of doors, and partial. Drawings, logos, patterns, inscriptions - all to choose from. Sandblasting glass doors is probably one of the most popular decor options and creating a matte finish.

Laser engraving is another option for decorating all-glass doors. With the help of laser engraving, various images, inscriptions, patterns and logos of photographic quality can be applied to the glass. Everything that can be displayed on a computer screen can be realized on a glass door with the help of laser engraving. Tinting of glass allows to give to all-glass doors a necessary shade and at the same time to keep transparency of glass.

The shade of toning can be picked up both under the general mood of the room, and to allocate a door from the general picture, having made an original accent of the room.

Combining all the decoration options, you can create original and exquisite all-glass doors.

All-glass doors are divided into:

- glass door in a box;

- swing glass doors;

- sliding glass doors;

- folding glass doors;

- shower door