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Glass doors in a box

Glass door in a box


The glass door in the box is a compromise between tradition and modern design.

The complete set of such interroom doors includes a door box from strong and easy aluminum or a wooden bar, a glass cloth and special accessories for glass designs. The choice of material for the door frame depends on several factors. If you want to put such doors as interroom in houses of a new construction where doorways are not too deep, but equal, we can offer you glass doors in an aluminum box.This box is made of light but strong aluminum profile of a certain cross section, mounted directly in the hole with dowels, and all visible fasteners are closed with decorative platbands. For uneven or untreated openings, a glass door in a wooden box made of pine, ash or oak will be optimal.

0023The box for such doors is made separately on the sizes of an aperture, and then is completed with a cloth of a door and accessories. Its advantage is that it is installed to the full depth of the hole, and the shortcomings of the visible part can be hidden with the platbands that are included. The wooden door frame can be varnished and painted in any color.

It is worth noting another important advantage of the door in the door frame - sound insulation, which is provided by a rubber seal. Glass doors in an aluminum box can be installed not only in the hole in the wall.

They easily fit into a set of glass partitions installed in the office or apartment.

For glass doors in the box there are technical limitations: it is usually not recommended to order a product larger than 950 millimeters wide or more than 2200 millimeters high. However, the door in an aluminum box can be large, which is their undeniable advantage.