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    The PVC profile is the main element of any metal-plastic window, the durability and reliability of the entire structure depends on it. The profile is the basis of the entire structure from which the window sashes and frames are made.
    They determine not only the appearance of the window, but also its strength. Such a PVC profile is reinforced with metal inserts and has air cavities inside, increasing the thermal insulation of the structure.



We work with Class A profiles, which have outer walls with a thickness of 2.8 mm and inner walls with a thickness of 2.5 mm; they provide the best thermal insulation and are the optimal choice.


Profiles we work with:

                    The 58 mm profile has up to four chambers, which is enough for the windows to retain heat;70 mm - has from three to five cameras. The last of the mentioned (70-millimeter) are most in demand for glazing apartments and houses.The norm for a 90 mm profile is six cameras.


All profile systems are created taking into account the climatic conditions of Ukraine and comply with Ukrainian and international quality standards. The designs can be made not only in classic white, but also in laminated wood-like or traditional colors (blue, green, red, etc.).

Due to the lightness and strength of metal-plastic from PVC profiles, it is possible to produce structures of various shapes and purposes:



Profiles we use


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