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Aluminum balcony frames

Алюмінієві балконні рами

0076Aluminum allows to realize such balcony designs which cannot be made neither in metalplastic, nor in all-glass execution.

First of all, the presence of a large selection of sliding sash allows you to solve the problem of saving space on a narrow balcony. Depending on the purpose of the balcony, you can use "cold" and "warm" sliding systems.

Windows made of aluminum profiles have a high structural strength. This allows you to make large aluminum windows without loss of rigidity. Large aluminum windows retain their geometric dimensions throughout their service life.

0077"Cold" sliding balcony designs allow to protect a balcony from dust and wind, but not to keep heat. "Cold" aluminum balcony structures are quite light, which reduces the load on the armhole in which they are installed, and fittings, thereby extending the life of the balcony structure.

Aluminum balcony structures have an extremely long service life. They are resistant to corrosion, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and acids. Throughout the service life, aluminum balcony structures retain their attractive appearance.

The use of aluminum for the manufacture of structures is also due to the resistance of aluminum profiles to temperature differences. Aluminum balcony structures retain all their properties at temperatures from -80 ℃ to +100 ℃.

They are resistant to combustion, as they are made of non-combustible materials.

One of the advantages of aluminum balcony structures is a wide range of decorative solutions. At the request of the client it is possible to make lamination under a tree or to paint a profile in any color on the RAL scale. Stained glass, facets, slats, window tinting, engraving, bent glass and sandblasting - all this is available for the manufacture of aluminum balcony structures.