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Metal-plastic balcony frames

Metal-plastic balcony frames

0078Metal-plastic products are an ideal option for glazing a balcony or loggia, as they allow you to turn these rooms of your apartment into cozy corners with a stylish interior at a very reasonable price.

For the glazing of balconies and loggias, the same systems are used as for the production of windows. More precisely, these are the windows themselves. If the glazing is long enough, it is divided into several parts, which are connected to each other using system connectors.

At the base of the balconies, at the request of the customer, there can be 3, 4 and 5-chamber profile systems "Aluplast" (Germany), "WDS" (Ukraine) and "Openteck" (Ukraine), "Rehau" (Germany ), "KBE" (Germany). Certain profile systems can be laminated in wood-like or traditional colors (blue, green, red, etc.).

0079For preserving additional stiffness of the skin, the design is equipped with a square armored profile with a thickness of 2 mm. The staff of the armory, our windows of the building showcase a strong call for new options, secure with all their functional power and callous viglyad stretching out a lot of rock.

Nice and Ukrainian accessories can provide a wide range of possibilities and versatility, permitting in the skin realizability such additional functions, such as microprovidence, for the sake of provoking, “childish castle.

We produce single-chamber and double-chamber double-glazed windows, as well as single-glazed windows. In production we use glass of various thickness and type (energy saving, sun protection, multipurpose, reflex, tinted, shock-resistant, etc.).

0080The great vibe of the worms allows the construction of the structure to be unbroken, such a rank of folding curved balconies and loggias does not represent any difficult situation.

Depending on technical execution and wishes of the customer glazing of a balcony or a loggia is completed with window sills and ebbs. And almost always a visor is installed - to protect the upper abutment from moisture.

Recently, the glazing of balconies and loggias are becoming popular so-called French windows, when glazing is carried out from floor to ceiling. First, it reduces the cost of preparing and strengthening the parapet under the windows (it in this case simply does not exist). Secondly, it makes the balcony itself more elegant, and thirdly, it increases the light transmission (the balcony becomes visually more spacious). You should not worry about thermal insulation in this case. Properly designed energy-saving glass will retain heat in the room.

A good solution for glazing a balcony would be a sash opening, when two adjacent sash opens without a jumper in the middle, opening the view of a large free hole. This aesthetic solution allows you to give a broader overview, visually enlarge the opening of an open window, gives a

Depending on the purpose of the balcony or loggia, the optimal type of glazing is selected. However, when using a balcony "cold", double-glazed windows in any case must be energy efficient. Otherwise, condensation will appear on the windows during the cold season.