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Facade glazing

Facade glazing

0090Facade systems made of aluminum are by far the most common and popular material in the field of both construction and architectural design solutions. They are used both in the construction of new buildings and in the reconstruction of old ones.

The reason for their popularity lies in their practicality, reliability, durability, and, importantly for architects and designers, in a wide variety of types and forms.
Facade systems allow not only to effectively insulate and decorate the facade, but also give the building a stylish modern look. At the same time, the cost of arranging the facade is significantly lower than during general construction work on its construction in a "standard" concrete form.


The main reason for the popularity of translucent aluminum facades is simple - it is their extreme practicality. If they are used, a single plane of glazing can cover the surface of a large area. Facade glazing perfectly replaces ordinary walls, as it is not inferior to them in terms of thermal insulation. And in general, the translucent aluminum facade is a completely sealed and warm structure. At the same time, its cost per square meter is lower than that of conventional aluminum window structures, and the use of a facade system avoids additional external general construction work. This significantly reduces costs and significantly speeds up construction time.

0091Translucent aluminum facades have excellent strength characteristics. They are extremely resistant to wind loads and can be mounted at high altitudes. In addition, they make it possible to use large-sized double-glazed windows that cannot be used in a conventional window system. As for the architectural and design qualities of aluminum translucent facades, they are also excellent. The facades are very elegant - the visible width of the profiles is minimal (the highest value reaches 50 mm). Technical characteristics of profiles allow you to produce facades of any shape, up to the presence of inclined planes.

In addition, the facade system is perfectly combined with all other aluminum systems. All types of aluminum doors and windows can be integrated into the facade. Structural sashes that make up a single whole with the facade will look especially stylish.
A huge selection of color Solutions, a wide range of different types of glass plus different types of facade allow designers and architects not to limit their imagination and create architectural masterpieces that will not only emphasize the status of the customer, but also decorate the city in which they are located.
Translucent facades are divided into:
- crossbar and rack facades;
- structural facades;
- semi-structural facades;
- element facades;
- Spider facades.