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0099Element facades (or panel facades) are a fundamentally new solution for facade glazing. The facade is assembled from individual finished elements, which are produced in the shop and delivered to the object in a finished form. This principle of production ensures high quality of the final product. Installation of a facade represents installation and connection of ready elements among themselves by the principle of the designer. This not only significantly reduces installation time, but also does not require as much human resources and equipment as when installing traditional facades. All types of opening are integrated into the element-facade system, including top-suspended and parallel-sliding windows.

0100The module of an element facade represents the aluminum design collected in shop which vertical dimensions are defined by height of a floor and is a product of full factory readiness. Production and main assembly of modules, including glazing, takes place directly in production with appropriate quality control, which speeds up construction and installation work. The technology of an element facade allows to erect a facade of the high-rise building in the shortest possible time at observance of all norms and requirements.

From the moment when the concrete of the mezzanine floor gains design strength, the installation of the elemental facade system takes no more than one month, which means that the concrete and installation works are carried out in parallel. For comparison, the installation of the rack-and-pinion system begins only after the erection of the floor structures of the entire building in height, which in general can delay the installation of the facade for more than a year.

Installation of an element facade does not demand installation of scaffolding. Each element is fed by a crane to the installation site and effortlessly leveled and directed by the builders in the appropriate field on the facade. Double-glazed windows are already inserted into the facade, which ensures their storage and tightness during transportation and eliminates any manipulation on the construction site, as well as reduces the amount of lifting and installation work.

Each element of the facade is assembled together in the factory. This eliminates all possible inaccuracies in the assembly, connections and fittings of the components of the element. Parts of attachments to other elements are also installed at the factory.