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Structural facade glazing

Structural facade glazing

0093The structural system is the most advanced glazing system for facades, as it uses the latest engineering developments. The result of its application is a stylish and spectacular appearance of the facade, which is a solid smooth glass surface without visible clamps on the outside. The framework of a structural facade as well as in crossbar-rack, consists of vertical and horizontal profiles. The difference is in the technology of fastening the glass.

In such a facade structural double-glazed windows are used, which are glued to the bearing elements of the facade system with the help of heavy-duty glue and fixed with special clamps. The seams between the windows are filled with a special sealant. As a result, the profiles are visible only from inside the room, and the outside gives the impression of a single glass wall. The graceful seam between the next packages has the minimum width - only 20 - 25 mm.

0094Structural facades retain not only fashionable and aesthetic appearance, but also outstanding technical characteristics. They affect the excellent thermal insulation, are extremely durable, and in terms of tightness even surpass crossbar-resistant facades. Their design features suggest the use of a structural system for the production of degraded and broken planes.

Door systems of any type can be built in a structural facade. As for the windows, structural sash is used for ventilation in the facade, which provides quite effective natural ventilation of the room, and in the closed form is completely invisible on the solid glass and the surface of the facade.