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Aluminum entrance groups

Aluminum entrance groups

0083Aluminum is an ideal material for the production of input groups, as it has many advantages. Strong, light and durable, it will provide reliability and safety at operation of entrance group. A variety of aluminum products, almost unlimited possibilities for painting, great technical capabilities, a variety of forms allow you to realize almost any design fantasy. Strict corporate style, airy sophistication of super-modern glass spaces or a prominent design to attract the attention of visitors - nothing is impossible for aluminum structures. In addition, aluminum inlet groups are simple and easy to operate and help keep the heat in the room.

0084Aluminum entrance groups, as a rule, represent a front system with the built-in door (automatic, arable, etc.). Instead of a translucent facade system or in addition to it the hinged ventilated facade can be used.

The input group of aluminum can also be made in the form of a vestibule.

Entrance groups are made of "warm" aluminum profile and are completed with energy-saving double-glazed windows. All glass in the double-glazed window is usually tempered. This makes the glass surface much stronger and safer to break. The color of the glass used and its functions are determined based on the design project and customer requirements.

For buildings with heavy traffic, it is advisable to use automatic sliding or revolving doors as an entrance group.