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Metal-plastic entrance groups

Metal-plastic entrance groups

0085Metal-plastic, as a material not intended for the production of input groups. The large weight of reinforced profiles, large visible profile width, limited choice of profiles and their low load-bearing capacity do not allow to create elegant and stylish entrance groups with large glass spaces and minimally visible jumpers.

large glass spaces and minimally visible jumpers. Metal plastic does not have such a wide range of products as aluminum or glass. There are only two names of structures - windows and doors. And if you order an entry group in metal, it should be nothing but windows and doors, which, if connected, then according to the company's system solutions. In metal plastic it is possible to make low and not so wide integral entrance groups for small shops or private houses. As a rule, it is a question of swing doors (single-leaf or double-leaf) which join by means of system power elements with windows. Also from metalplastic entrance groups with free-standing doors and windows in openings will ideally turn out. This will give the holes a neat look, provide reliable insulation and protect the room from moisture, dust and noise.

0086To give an original look to the entrance group of metal, you can use various decorative techniques and elements: lamination of plastic profile "under the tree", the use of slats in the glass, the use of special and decorative glass using the full range of available methods of artistic glass processing.

When designing the entrance group in a private house should pay attention to the parallel-sliding metal doors.

If you install a front door with the condition of frequent use (shop, institution, public places), it is better to stop your choice on the front door made of aluminum. They are lighter in weight and can withstand heavy loads. If on the sides of these doors in separate openings windows are established, they can be left in metalplastic. Externally, they will not differ much from aluminum (but only for white).