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Office partitions

pareti divisorie per uffici

0069Partitions are an important element of the interior, which allows you to organize the space in accordance with existing tasks. Partitions are mainly used in administrative and public buildings.

This is the rational zoning of open spaces in offices to the device of individual rooms for a particular employee or an entire department, it is the separation of the working area from the non-working, and partitions in showers and bathrooms, partitions, showcases, etc.

0070Most often, being an important element of the interior, partitions not only affect the comfort of employees, but also the style of the entire office or organization, and accordingly the impression of customers. In addition, with the help of properly installed partitions, you can regulate customer flows and reduce unproductive time in the company's internal processes.

And this directly affects the result of the enterprise. But not only in the official sphere have found their use partitions. The trend of construction of apartments with free planning, as well as apartments with a large area contributed to the expansion of the use of partitions in residential areas.

Here they serve not only to delimit the space, but also as an important element of the interior, adds a certain style to the room.