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0074Office aluminum partitions are an excellent solution for functional zoning of space. As a rule, they are used in office and commercial premises, the interior of which acquires a strict but stylish appearance as a result.

Partitions made of aluminum have more options than partitions made of any other material. The variety of openings (swing, sliding, pendulum doors) allows to save the useful area and to plan space most ergonomically.

0075The strength of aluminum as a material allows you to create partitions of great height. Virtually limitless possibilities for painting an aluminum profile make it indispensable if you need to match a certain style of the room, or create your own unique style.

Depending on the purpose and design features, aluminum partitions can be made in three systems of aluminum profiles. Due to the fact that in the vast majority of cases, the partitions are inside the room, for their production using "cold" profile systems.

The window and door system is used for standard office partitions. In fact, the partition is connected through the racks of windows and doors made of aluminum. As filling, standard double-glazed windows, monoglass and the sandwich panel are applied.

If the partitions have a very large height (for example, more than 3 m) or a large area of ​​glazing of an integral element, for the manufacture of such partitions used facade system (usually crossbar-resistant). Standard double-glazed windows and a sandwich panel are used as filling.