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Railings and fences

Перила та огорожі

0105Recent architectural trends suggest that buildings have open spaces or free spaces inside the building. In private construction it is terraces and balcony platforms, in apartment houses - stairways, balconies and terraces - at penthouses, in commercial objects, in particular in shopping and entertainment centers - zones of transition between levels which include stairways, escalators. and elevators.

0104Mandatory fencing of such open areas must first and foremost ensure the safety of the people who are there. But there is another requirement for it - lightness and invisibility, so as not to block the beautiful view from the fenced area or to ensure full visibility of the space indoors.

To perform such safe, strong, but at the same time "airy" fencing structures, our company offers glass fences, stainless steel railings and aluminum. The latter can also use glass inserts. Such designs not only perfectly perform the functions assigned to them to ensure safety, but at the same time have an elegant and stylish appearance and are able to become a decoration of both the facade and the interior.