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Display systems

Display systems

0088Glazing of shop windows is an excellent solution for decorating a retail space. A showcase is the" face " of a brand or chain of stores. Therefore, its creation requires special attention and an individual approach. Using the glazing of shop windows for this purpose, the "appearance" of the boutique can be radically changed for the better. Our company offers you extraordinary, bright, original solutions that will allow your brand to gain the trust of each client.

Glass display cases for the store have their own design features. The system can be all-glass or framed. In turn, all-glass structures are created using a spider or point fastening system, Frame display cases made of glass assume the presence of double-glazed windows and metal profiles. Visually, all-glass structures look more attractive, since in this case there are no crossbars and vertical imposts in the system. These elements, when using frame glass display cases for shops and shopping centers, are necessary for fixing individual glass sheets.


To strengthen all-glass structures, additional stiffeners can be used, which are also made of glass. The number of such stiffeners and their size is selected individually. When ordering glazing of shop windows, it is necessary to take into account the height of the system and the expected wind loads. At the same time, the presence of stiffeners does not affect the light transmission capacity of the structure in any way.

The thickness and size of the glass that the glass display case will be equipped with is determined depending on the possible loads. These parameters are calculated at the design stage. Usually, impact-resistant glass is used, which allows you to ensure the maximum level of safety. The price of window glazing may vary depending on whether transparent or tinted glass is used.

0087If you need to design a retail space inside the building of a shopping center, then systems that are fixed to the floor are used as load-bearing structures. This solution allows you to create glazing of shopping center windows, which is characterized by reliability, safety, and durability. The entire load of the system is shifted to the floor, and due to the minimum threshold height (7 mm), the design is convenient to use in places with high traffic.

Advantages of showcase glazing:
- energy savings due to high light transmission capacity;
- visual exposure of the retail space;
- affordable cost of systems;
- good thermal insulation characteristics;
- high level of safety, thanks to the strength of the glass used;
- glazing of the showcase can be made in any size required by the customer.
The presented systems have gained wide popularity not only in the field of trade. They are also relevant in the design of museums and exhibition stands.