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Sliding systems

Sliding systems

0055Sliding systems made of aluminum are modern large - sized translucent structures that embody lightness, functionality, reliability and aesthetic beauty. Aluminum sliding systems are a successful combination of aluminum and monoglass or aluminum and double-glazed windows.
The doors of aluminum "sliding", moving parallel in the same plane, move one after the other during opening. Such a system provides for the possibility of installing a sliding structure from "floor to ceiling" and VIT "wall to Wall". "sliding" made of aluminum can be made much larger than sliding systems made of PVC. This is their significant advantage. Aluminum sliding structures can be repainted in any color according to the RAL scale, and they can also have a different texture, imitating valuable wood species. 
"Sliding" made of aluminum can be:
- "Cold" - used for glazing balconies, loggias, business centers, supermarkets or as interior or office partitions in those rooms where thermal insulation is not the main criterion;

- "Warm" - systems are distinguished by the presence of a thermal bridge, which keeps the heat in the premises.

The sliding system made of aluminum in the open state provides complete freedom, comfort, safety and aesthetic beauty. According to the type of opening, sliding doors are divided into:

- sliding doors;

- parallel-sliding (portal);

- lifting and sliding systems;

- accordion doors;

- HI-FINITY systems.