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Sliding systems "Accordion"

Sliding systems "Accordion"

0065Accordion structures are the only design among sliding systems that allows you to open the opening by 90% (the rest of the space is occupied by folded sashes). Such structures consist, as a rule, of 3-8 sashes, which when folded can be parked both inside and outside the room, which allows rational use of space. In the closed position, in Accordion structures, only one sash can be used without using the rest. This is very convenient, for example, in winter in an external structure, in order to minimize the ingress of cold air into the room.
"Accordion" is a fairly sealed design. In addition, it provides excellent thermal insulation (choose a heat-insulating threshold and energy-saving double-glazed windows).

0066Aluminum "accordion" is used for both external and internal glazing. They are very convenient when a closed room needs to be made open or two rooms connected to each other. In exterior glazing, harmonicas are usually used for glazing exits to terraces and verandas, Winter Gardens, and swimming pools. In summer, the opening opens completely, combining the room in the house with the surrounding world and creating a sense of unity with nature. For the same purposes, "accordion" can be used in cafes and restaurants, when in the warm season the institution is combined into a single room with a summer playground. In addition, it is quite convenient to use "harmonicas" in car dealerships.

0064 the inside of the room, accordion-type structures can act as partitions. They can separate rooms in the house or different rooms in the office, providing excellent sound insulation, and when using opaque glass, also protection from prying eyes. In the open state, they will combine the premises into a single whole. And the use of a special low threshold flush with the floor will visually hide the barrier between the rooms and ensure the convenience and safety of using the door, especially for people with disabilities.

Aluminum profile for accordion structures can be painted in any RAL color or decorated"under the tree". Accessories are also painted according to the RAL palette in accordance with the color of the entire structure. Any type of glass can be selected for glazing, with any type of processing (artistic sandblasting, engraving, photo printing, etc.). All this will help not only to design a convenient and functional structure, but also to make it a stylish and unique element of your facade or interior.