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HI-FINITY sliding systems

HI-FINITY sliding systems

0067Hi-FINITY sliding door systems are the latest engineering development. When finished, these doors give the impression of a sliding glass wall stretching from floor to ceiling. Glass elements frame ultra-thin, barely visible profiles, making hi-FINITY doors look elegant, light, airy and create a sense of complete transparency.
Despite the thin visible profile and all its lightness, the doors of the HI-FINITY system have high strength and reliability. They provide for the installation of large double-glazed windows weighing up to 500 kg.

The system provides various opening options: with two and three guides, and combinations of two to six doors. Stainless steel casters and Teflon - coated seals ensure smooth sliding of the sash-even huge sashes open easily. For convenience, a hidden drive is installed that opens and closes the doors at the touch of a button.
A well-thought-out system for protecting against hacking. The sash locking mechanism is hidden in the upper part of the door, and the glass part must be protected with double-glazed windows using triplex.

The HI-FINITY system provides for the installation of single - and double-chamber double-glazed windows and provides exceptional thermal insulation. An important element of thermal insulation, as well as a factor in creating a comfortable environment, is the tightness of the structure. In this system, it is provided with reliable seals. At the junction of aluminum with glass, width-adjustable profiles are used, which guarantee a tight fit and excellent tightness.