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Вхідні групи

Вхідні групи

0081Under the entrance group means a set of architectural and technical elements that form a single composition, which is used to decorate the entrance to the building. The entrance group includes the door itself, the space around them (glazing, if any; facade and its decorative elements; canopy or canopy over the door, etc.), the space in front of them (steps, area in front of the door, railings) and that part interior, which is directly adjacent to the entrance from the inside (for example, the vestibule).

Most often, the entrance group can have two sets of doors - one works at the entrance, the other at the exit. This scheme is used in shopping malls, office centers and other public places with high attendance.

0082Today we produce a full range of products for modern entrance groups, from railings to complex doors, which are controlled by electronics. The variety of materials, colors and shapes, as well as the use of the latest production technologies will allow you to implement any design project.

Entrance groups in public places are made exclusively with the use of safe tempered glass or triplex. The use of ordinary glass is a gross violation of the safety requirements of the object.